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Help Us Rebuild

March of 2020 we had to shut down our very successful cooking classes because of the pandemic. A few months later we created Broth Thyme as a way of pivoting our business so that we could try to continue to earn a living until things got better. Our efforts putting out excellent quality soups and sandwiches was well received. Our business took off very quickly and things were looking good. Unfortunately, on August 26 of that same year we had a fire in our kitchen overnight. No one was hurt but because of a failure in our fire suppression system (that we had just installed a short time before) our facility was destroyed. Our landlord collected over $100,000 to rebuild the space but has made it clear that he has no intention of doing so and instead has attempted (and failed) to pursue legal actions against us for not paying rent in the space he has refused to fix. We have spent the past year with no income, spending a lot of money on legal representation dealing with the various aspects of this situation. We are hoping to see some money for all that we have lost, but it remains to be seen.


We have moved out of our Doylestown location and have made the decision to open up in the city of Philadelphia. We have found a spectacular space in a great neighborhood that has two floors and a roof deck. We will be able to run the cooking classes and Broth Thyme at the same time at this new location. Our challenge right now is money to get things started. We need to pay the rent plus security deposit and there is a substantial amount of renovations that need to be done. We are looking for $75,000 to get us going so we put together some offers for pre-sales of our products and classes at good prices along with a space for donations. If anyone would be interested in investing most or all of what we are seeking we can offer very good terms with some equity and a fast turn around on your money, contact me at

This is unfamiliar territory for me. I have never asked for anyones help in this way before. I have always started my businesses with the money I had and built them from the ground up. This is an unusual circumstance so I thought I would put it out there.   

Thank you.

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