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Cooking Classes

The Regular "Chef's Choice" with a Side of Chaos

On Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm we offer our regular "Chef's Choice" style classes. These demonstration style classes consist of four courses with wine offered at no additional charge.  The menus are never announced prior to the class although accommodations will be made for food allergies and food issues that are noted at the time the reservation is made.  Typically there is a discounted price offered for these classes by purchasing one of our Gift Cards or through Groupon.

The themes for these classes as well as the menus will be posted on the Book Online page of this site.  Themes will include: international cuisines, culinary styles and techniques, pastries, and alternative diets.  Some of these classes will be hands-on and will be noted as such in the course description

Guests, Special Dinners, & Tastings

If you have had your fill of listening to Chef Michael rambling on about why he hates Costco and supermarkets that don't have self-checkout then these events are what you have been looking for.  We are bringing in interesting guest chefs, educators, cookbook authors, and wine, beer, and liquor experts for a variety of upcoming events.  These events and menus will be posted on the Book Online page.

These hands-on classes will be done by age groups on a rotating basis.  

  • 6 to 9 year-olds will learn basic skills and preparation techniques, food safety and recipe reading and writing.  Every child will prepare and eat a minimum of four recipes per class.

  • 9 to 12 year-olds will be learning the same as the younger ones but at a faster pace and the foods they prepare will be more challenging.

  • 13 to 20 year-olds. While this seems like a pretty broad age range, but we have found that the needs for this group run pretty similar.  I have heard from many parents who have young teens who dream of being chefs, watch endless hours of cooking shows and really enjoy making all types of food.  Then there are the parents of older teens who have yet to master microwave popcorn and boiling Raman noodles and they are closing in on a time of life that they will need to fend for themselves.  This group will learn professional kitchen techniques and skills, recipe reading and writing, meal and preparation planning, proper food handling and at least one inappropriate chef phrase (and definition if necessary).  They will prepare and eat a four course meal during each class.

*** The Chef maintains a strict "no parents allowed" rule for all kids classes, with no exceptions.  This is not intended to be a cutesy food themed baby sitting set up, we really want to teach your kids to cook.  They will be using real fire and real knives in every age group.  Minor cuts and burns can happen no matter how careful we are and no matter how much we stress safety in the kitchen.  Don't worry, we are well stocked up with bandaids, burn cream and crazy glue.  

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