The Brothel...

After generations have been sipping it for years in times of sickness, bone broth has recently gained recognition for its densely packed nutrients and immense health benefits. Rich in minerals, collagen, and essential amino acids, bone broth has been noted to aid in gut healing, decrease inflammation, and boost a healthy immune system. 

Organic Chicken, Grass-Fed Beef, Vegan Mushroom and Seaweed...

All bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients, and all available as bulk or pint purchases, fresh or frozen.

Our Brothel will be open for purchasing on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons from 12 - 4pm with more hours coming soon!

For more info or to schedule a bulk order, contact us at


Chef Michael Kanter started his culinary training over 25 years ago under master saucier of France Georges Perrier making soups and stocks at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia.  Chef Michael values the process of slow cooking and building flavor with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. 


Chef Michael recently partnered with Allison Berneking, M.S., PA-C and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach whose passion for health and wellness stems from using food in its purest form for whole-body nourishment. 


Together they are excited to be sourcing and selling their bone broth and vegan broth locally in the Bucks County and the greater Philadelphia area. 

For sipping regularly as a part of health maintenance or using as a base for soups or cooking grains, all of our broths are loaded with flavor from fresh vegetables and herbs sourced as locally as possible.